Secure E-Mail Communication with Fraunhofer
Public Key Infrastructure for Fraunhofer Contacts
Fraunhofer Competence Center PKI

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Load Root-Certificate / Revocation List (PKI for Fraunhofer Contacts)

In order to establish secure communications, both external partners and Fraunhofer employees must possess a personal digital certificate. These certificates are issued by different certification authorities (CAs), which also hold a certificate of their own. For smooth communication it is necessary that both the communicating partners have available the respective certificate of his/her partner and also that they trust the corresponding CA certificates. Therefore it is required to import these so-called CA root certificates in your e-mail application.

On this page you may download the root certificate of the PKI for Fraunhofer Contacts. Please follow this link for downloading the required root certificates of the Fraunhofer PKI.

For further assistance regarding the integration of the root certificate within your e-mail application please refer to our detailed user guide.

Download root certificate
Certification authority for Fraunhofer Contacts
Download certificate revocation list
Certification authority for Fraunhofer Contacts

Control data for the root certificate of the CA for Fraunhofer Contacts: