Secure E-Mail Communication with Fraunhofer
Public Key Infrastructure for Fraunhofer Contacts
Fraunhofer Competence Center PKI

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Overview and Login

In order to request a certificate for one of your project partners / clients / suppliers / interested parties / or other external communication partners, please enrol yourself with your personal certificate. The system only accepts the user certificates of the Fraunhofer PKI (Fraunhofer Smartcard).

After your enrolment, you also have extended search possibilities for certificates already issued for external communication partners and you can revoke certificates which have been requested by yourself. You will also find a manual for further reference within the protected user area.

In order to commuicate with your external communication partner via encrypted e-mail, you have to trust the issuer of his/her certificate. Therefore you need to import the root certificate of the Fraunhofer Contacts PKI once.

Please insert your smartcard into the reader before you activate the following button.