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Revoke a Certificate of the PKI for Fraunhofer Contacts

If you already possess a certificate of the certification authority for Fraunhofer contacts, you can revoke your certificate with the help of this webpage. A revocation is for example necessary if

  • your e-mail address has or will change,
  • you do not want to use the certificate for secure communication within a Fraunhofer-related context anymore,
  • you do not accept and/or fulfil the guidelines of the PKI for Fraunhofer contacts any longer, or
  • an abuse or a compromise of the private key is suspected or has occured.

In order to avoid that a third party revokes your certificate, the revocation is organised in a two-stage process. Firstly the certificate which is to be revoked must be identified. Therefore please provide us below with the e-mail address named within the corresponding certificate. An e-mail will be dispatched to this address containing a special link - similar to the process for obtaining a certificate. With the help of this link you are then able to revoke your certificate finally.

In case that several certificates are issued for the indicated e-mail address, the revocation e-mail contains all attached certificates and you have the possibility to select individually the certicates which shall be revoked.

E-mail address of certificate to be revoked:
For security reasons the date, time and your IP-address will be logged in the course of requesting the revocation e-mail. Namely, the following data is recorded:
Date: 03.12.2023
Time: 06:16:50
Your IP-Address:
Please note that any misuse of this form might be prosecuted.