Secure E-Mail Communication with Fraunhofer
Public Key Infrastructure for Fraunhofer Contacts
Fraunhofer Competence Center PKI

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Request a Free Certificate for the Contact to Fraunhofer

In order to establish secure e-mail communications with Fraunhofer you need a certificate, too. In case you haven't yet got a certificate for yourself, you can get one for free via this website. However, the issuing of a certificate must generally be initiated by a Fraunhofer employee. Please refer to our detailed user guide for any further information with regard to the necessary sequence of events.

In addition it is neccessary that you trust the issuer - the so-called root instance - of your future certificate. Therefore you need to import the root certificate of the Fraunhofer Contacts PKI once.

For security reasons thereby your e-mail address is checked: Your Fraunhofer communication partner will send you an activation link to obtain the requested certicate to the address named. Please ask your Fraunhofer communication partner to apply for your certificate if this hasn't been done already.

Please take note of the guidelines of the PKI for Fraunhofer Contacts, namely: